Case Studies

Eglinton East LRT Case Studies

Consistent with the project’s objectives of improving connectivity and encouraging the development of complete communities, an investment in LRT could support a wide range of community goals that address the social, economic, mobility and public realm needs.

There are many locations along the EELRT corridor where the design of the LRT could help to reinforce connections or a distinct sense of place, including along Eglinton Avenue, at Eglinton/ Kingston, Kingston/Lawrence/Malvern, the University of Toronto Scarborough, and Malvern Town Centre.

The public realm and other investments associated with the LRT may be leveraged to provide connections to significant landmarks and destinations while beautifying the streetscape, integrating the LRT stop into the surrounding neighbourhood, enhancing residual open spaces adjacent to the line, strengthening neighbourhoods, and making a more comfortable pedestrian realm.

At the Public Meetings in February 2019, the City presented case studies giving examples of how this has been achieved in other cities and how it could be applied to the Eglinton East LRT. Find the case studies below.