Current Work

How can we get the most from the investment 
LRT in Scarborough?

We have launched a planning study to identify ways to support communities along the LRT route. We need your help to answer key questions, such as:
* What do you want the LRT Streets to look like?
*  What specific places, businesses and communities along the LRT route should we focus on?
* Are there opportunities to support access to LRT stops by walking, cycling, transit or other connections?
* What opportunities are there to support local economic and social development?

Eglinton East LRT Route Map

Planning Study Timing:

  • Summer 2018: Understanding Corridor and Ideas Development
  • Early Fall 2018: Develop Components of the Plan Thorugh Public Engagement and Analysis
  • Findings submitted to Council in 2019
Image of Cityscape with pedestrians, transit and cyclist