Community Consultations

Past Community Consultations 

Community Bus Consultations
These drop-in consultation sessions focused on the future planning opportunities along the Eglinton East LRT corridor in Scarborough.

Bus Stop Day 1
Date: Wednesday, July 18, 2018
• Eglinton Avenue and Midland (early afternoon)
• Eglinton Avenue and Markham Road: Markington Square (mid-late afternoon)

Bus Stop Day 2
Date: Wednesday, July 25, 2018
• Malvern Town Centre (lunch hour)
• University of Toronto Scarborough Campus: Scarborough Circle (mid-late afternoon)
• Kingston Square at Kingston-Lawrence and Morningside (late afternoon to early evening)


Eglinton East LRT Planning Study Open House and Walking Tours
The planning study open houses and walking tours were an interactive event for residents and local businesses to provide input on the planning directions and
priorities of the Eglinton East LRT project.

September 5th from 6:00–8:30pm at Don Montgomery Community Centre, 2467 Eglinton Avenue East, focusing on the area of Eglinton Ave between Midland and McCowan.
September 10th from 6:00–8:30pm at Malvern Town Centre, 31 Tapscott Road, focusing on the area of Malvern Centre
September 13th, from 6:00–8:30pm at Centre for Connected Communities, 4218 Lawrence Avenue East, focusing on the area of Kingston Road-between Galloway/Lawrence and Morningside
September 18th, from 6:00–8:30pm at Scarborough Village Community Centre, 3600 Kingston Road, focusing on the area of Eglinton Ave between Markham Road and Kingston Road.

This illustration represents some elements of the cityscape that relate to the Eglinton East LRT. It includes buildings of various sizes and uses, public transit vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians, and people gathering in public space along the street.