Phase 3 Display Boards

Phase 3 Display Boards

Overview and Timelines

What is the Eglinton East LRT?

The Eglinton East Light Rail Transit (LRT) is the easterly extension of the Eglinton Crosstown  LRT.  The EELRT will have up to 22 stops, along 14.9 km and serve over 40,000 people who live  within walking distance of the route today. The Eglinton East LRT will support sustainable,  economically vibrant and complete communities along the LRT route.

The EELRT will also:

  • Bring rapid transit to five neighbourhood improvement areas;
  • Connect two post-secondary campuses – University of Toronto Scarborough and  Centennial College Morningside Campus;
  • Build on Scarborough’s strengths; and,
  • Attract investment and opportunity.

Timeline and History

In July 2016 City Council directed staff to advance the EELRT to conceptual design (5% design) and  complete an updated cost estimate. These findings are anticipated to be reported to City Council in  Spring 2019.

Timeline image. We are in Phase 3 Conceptual Design. Detailed design will be after 2019

What is LRT?

Image of infographics and statistics. 130 people per vehicle, rush hours in a streetcar; 51 to 74 in a bus; up to 490 in an LRT

Overview of Focus Areas and Opportunities

Through the course of the study, 9 locations along the corridor were identified as having strategic  importance. These 9 Focus Areas are places where an opportunity exists to target resources and  deliver transformative change in support of the Social, Economic, Public Realm and Mobility  Strategies.

Map of 9 Focus areas

Knob Hill

Knob Hill Crossing: development of a higher  density community node focused around an  important transit hub.

Knob Hill Crossing should take advantage of the distinct crossroads condition to create a higher density  community node focused around the intersections of Brimley, Eglinton and Danforth, with a new community  gathering space and priority placed on small business support, provision of community services and local  supporting retail.

Map of Knob Hill focus area.
Rendering of what the Knob Hill area will look like.

Barbados Business Area

Strengthening an existing cluster of small  businesses.

The initiatives identified here provide opportunities to support and grow area businesses in the Barbados  Business Area by enhancing the profile of the area, creating greater amenity for employees, and introducing  improved access via new and enhanced connections.

Image of the Barbados Business Area

Eglinton-Kingston Triangle

Supporting the development of a more coordinated  and connected community and transit node.

The Eglinton-Kingston Triangle should be comprehensively planned and form a cohesive centre of activity.  Existing community facilities should be examined to understand how they can better serve the wider  community.

Through the development of the LRT there is an opportunity to create a better environment for transit users  transferring at Markham Road and deliver a new community gathering space where Eglinton meets Kingston  Road.

Image of the Eglinton Kingston Triangle that is Supporting the development of a more coordinated and connected community and transit node
Rendering image of street corner
Rendering image of a street along the future Eglinton Ave. east

Guildwood GO Hub

Creating a centre of training and employment  connected to transit.

Guildwood GO station is one of two GO stations along the corridor. There is an opportunity to create an  important community service hub and point of connection within the community, one that: leverages public  lands to deliver new skills training and connects people with jobs; connects transit to Scarborough’s park and  ravine system; and connects the Galloway and Guildwood communities.

Kingston Road Place-Making

Transforming the centre at Kingston, Lawrence and  Morningside into a pedestrian-friendly place.

The Kingston Lawrence Morningside portion of the LRT is the only portion of the corridor that will be below-  grade (underground). This provides tremendous opportunity to leverage the space above to transform the  street into a more pedestrian-friendly environment with improved streetscaping and connectivity between the  two sides of the corridor.

Map image of Kingston Road Place-making - Transforming the centre at Kingston, Lawrence and Morningside into a pedestrian-friendly place.

Morningside Greenway

Creating a new pedestrian and cycling  connection to Morningside Park.

There is an opportunity to create a new pedestrian and cycling greenway connecting Morningside Park, West  Hill Collegiate and the Kingston-Lawrence-Morningside neighbourhood centre.

Map image of Morningside Greenway - Creating a new pedestrian and cycling connection to Morningside Park.

Morningside Connection

Enhancing the relationship of the community  to area destinations and celebrating the  gateway to the Meadoway.

There are a number of opportunities to better integrate and overcome barriers for the Mornelle community,  including: improved connectivity, delivery of new retail and services that serve both the academic and  residential communities, and creation of an improved point of transfer at Ellesmere Road and Morningside  Road.

Map Image of Morningside Connection - Enhancing the relationship of the community to area destinations and celebrating the gateway to the Meadoway.

Sheppard Employment Hub

Improving access to area jobs and  strengthening the relationship of the  employment area to Malvern.

Sheppard Employment Hub can be strengthened by improving its connectivity to transit services, enhancing  amenity for area employees and developing a mutually beneficial relationship with the Malvern residential  community.

Map Image of Sheppard Employment Hub - Improving access to area jobs and strengthening the relationship of the employment area to Malvern.


Creating a new community gathering  space and enhancing the relationship  between community uses.

The introduction of the LRT to Malvern provides opportunities to create a new central gathering space and  strengthen connectivity between the clusters of community and retail services at the heart of the Malvern  Community

Map Image of Malvern Hub - Creating a new community gathering space and enhancing the relationship between community uses

Eglinton East LRT Case Studies

Consistent with the project’s objectives of improving connectivity and encouraging the development of complete communities, an investment in LRT could support a wide range of community goals that address the social, economic, mobility and public realm needs. At the Public Meetings in February 2019, the City presented case studies giving examples of how this has been achieved in other cities and how it could be applied to the Eglinton East LRT.

Find the EELRT Case Studies here