2019 Public Meeting #2 – Meeting Summary

Round 3 Public Meeting #2
February 27, 2019, 6:30–8:30pm Meeting Summary

Public Meeting Overview

On February 27, 2019, the City of Toronto (City) hosted a public meeting for the Eglinton East Light Rail Transit (LRT) project as part of Phase 3 of work on the project.  This is the third round of public meetings. The meeting was held at Malvern Community Recreation Centre, 30 Sewells Road, Scarborough. The meeting agenda was:

   Arrival and Open House
7:15-7:45pm   Presentation from City Staff
7:45-7:55pm   Plenary Question and Answer Period
7:55-8:30pm   Open House with Opportunity to Speak with Staff

To request a copy of the presentation, please email us or call us at 416-338-2848.


Approximately 10 members of the public attended this event. In addition, Councillor McKelvie attended the meeting.

Introduction and Presentation

Dillon Consulting provided opening remarks and welcomed members of the public. A presentation was given by the City Project Team outlining the project updates, including findings of the technical work, background on the business case analysis, outcomes from Phase 2 of the consultation program and initial findings from the planning study. A copy of the presentation can be requested by emailing EglintonEastLRT@toronto.ca.

Dillon Consulting facilitated a plenary question and answer period.

Question and Answer Period

The discussion captured during the question and answer period is summarized below. Questions are noted with a “Q”, comments with a “C” and answers with an “A”. Answers were provided by City staff unless otherwise indicated.

Q. What is included in your business case analysis? Do you somehow show the overall social and economic value that the Eglinton East LRT would bring to the communities in Scarborough? How do you address the community benefits that this project could bring?
A. We are currently working on the business case analysis. We are starting with the Metrolinx framework, which is considered a standard framework. We are building on that to include other metrics for social and community benefits that are difficult to monetize. An example would be contribution to improved quality of life for local residents. This is still a work in progress.

Q. Do you know of any resource that speaks to the long term financial benefits of higher order transit? There is a direct correlation between the location of the subway system and areas of high growth in Toronto. These high growth areas create very positive living conditions, access to jobs and provide high-speed commuting. Unfortunately, when you look at Scarborough, there are only 8 rapid transit stops out of the total 71 rapid transit stops across the City of Toronto. Scarborough covers one-third of the area of Toronto yet it only has 11% of the rapid transit stations. Investing in the Eglinton East LRT would help address this significant gap and provide a huge boost to the economy and Scarborough and would have long lasting positive impacts.
A. There are some limitations in knowing all the impacts that the transit system will have. We share the belief that an investment in rapid transit will help to encourage growth of all types.

Q. Are there any estimates of ridership and origin-destination patterns?
A. Yes. We have projected very healthy ridership for parts of the line, especially along Eglinton Avenue East. Some of the major destinations include UTSC and Kennedy Station as well as major transfer locations at Eglinton Avenue and Markham Road and at Kingston-Lawrence and Morningside.

Q. What bus routes would be replaced by the implementation of the Eglinton East LRT?
A from TTC. There are three routes that would stop running because they replicate the Eglinton East LRT route: the 905 Express, 86 and 116. We still need to figure out how to provide service to the branch routes but work is underway. It is also important to note that the LRT would not operate overnight so there would be bus stops along the corridor to accommodate overnight bus service.

Review of Display Materials and Closing

Following the Q&A, attendees were welcomed to stay until 8:30pm to continue discussions with project team staff and review display materials, including maps of the LRT design. Attendees were also invited to visit the project website, inform decision-makers of their opinions and contact the project team with further comments or questions. Comments from attendees at the display materials focused mainly on timing of the project and interest in seeing this LRT line built as quickly as possible. There was unanimous support from attendees to see the Eglinton East LRT get built.

The meeting adjourned at 8:30pm.