Phase 2 Consultation Summary

Phase 2 Consultation Summary
Fall 2018

The Eglinton East LRT project includes three major phases of work (see about page for more information on work phases). The first phase of work wrapped up in January 2018. Over the course of Phase 1 the project team spoke directly with over 100 people and shared information with hundreds more at meetings, at community pop-ups, on the project website and through email.

The second phase of work, referred to as Phase 2, concluded in October 2018.

We heard from hundreds of participants by going out in the Scarborough community to talk with potential users of the LRT, residents and business owners along the transit corridor. During this Phase 2 work the project team hosted five stakeholder meetings/ workshops, four pop-ups along the corridor, four walking tours in various neighbourhoods and four public meetings.

A Phase 2 Consultation Summary Report has been produced that documents the purpose of Phase 2 consultation, identifies the Phase 2 consultation and communication activities completed, and summarizes the feedback received. To request a copy of the full report, please email us or call us at 416-338-2848.

Phase 2 Consultation Snapshot

Phase 2 Consultation Goals and Activities

The goals for Phase 2 of the consultation and communications program included:

  • Build project interest;
  • Engage community leaders;
  • Obtain feedback on evaluation results, concepts and recommendations;
  • Obtain feedback on corridor vision and site-specific priorities across the five technical issue areas under study; and,
  • Get people engaged in community conversations about socioeconomic opportunities within the transit

To achieve the Phase 2 goals, a series of consultation and communications activities were identified and executed, including:

  • Notifications (Ads, Emails);
  • Digital Engagement (Social Media, Website);
  • Video;
  • Surveys (online and in-person);
  • Formal Public and Stakeholder Consultation Events;
  • Interactive Public Workshops;
  • Youth Workshops;
  • Walking Tours;
  • Informal In-Person Pop-Up Events;
  • Distribution of Public and Stakeholder Consultation Meetings Summary Reports; and,
  • Distribution of Project

Phase 2 communication and engagement activities were completed between January 2018 and October 2018.

What We Heard in Phase 2

Overall Corridor Input

Throughout all of the consultation events, there was general interest in making this LRT project come to life. The public made it clear that they feel transit connections have been poor in Scarborough and improvements are important to the community. Through stakeholder workshops, public meetings, surveys and emails the general consensus has been that the Eglinton East LRT will be a positive investment to a currently underserved area in Toronto.
Comments received from public participants and stakeholders related to the project as a whole and the overall corridor planning and design. In particular, questions and comments related to the following Top 7 themes:

Make this project happen!

General Support and Awareness – interest in the project. Many people were supportive of the LRT and appreciated that the LRT project team was out in the community to inform people of the project.

Provide good planning for amenities and public realm improvements

Improved Public Space – interest in nicely designed public space. People would like better places to sit and gather.

Improved walkability and pedestrian considerations. Along many major roads, the sidewalk is not wide enough and there are few trees to provide relief from the elements. Benches, bus shelters, art and better maintenance of public spaces would improve the quality of the pedestrian experience.



Manage traffic and improve accessibility

Traffic Impacts During Construction and Once Operational – interest in understanding what the traffic impacts will be along the corridor and if there are opportunities for grade separation.

Create gathering spaces

  • Create places for people of all ages, backgrounds, incomes and physical abilities. Sidewalks need to be paved, maintained and wide enough for people using mobility devices or pushing strollers. Streets, pathways and public spaces need to be well-lit.

Make connections to other transit options, greenspaces and key destinations

  • Connectivity within Scarborough – interest in understanding how the Eglinton East LRT line will connect with the wider transit system in Scarborough and beyond and how connections will be made/improved to key destinations and communities in the study area. This includes improvements to sidewalks, cycling, auto and other transit connections.
  • Connections to and between greenspaces will help to promote a sense of community and well-being of those who live, work, study and play in the area.
  • Prioritize local access to LRT stops along the corridor
  • Supporting and connecting local people to employment opportunities is important. Local services, training, education and jobs need to be advertised in multiple languages at popular locations.

Maintain consistent and transparent communications throughout the project

  • Timeline for Construction – interest in knowing when this project would be built and operating. This related to support for project implementation as well as interest in understanding project construction impacts.
  • Funding Commitments – interest in understanding what the funding commitments have been and if the project is funded for construction.
  • Manage the degree of change in the community. The community noted the potential for capacity building before, during and after the construction of the LRT. This may result in employing local people in planning and construction or involving youth in ongoing consultations.
  • Off-setting potential construction disruption to local businesses could take place in the form of financial rebates, marketing plans and/or parking strategies.
  • Consistent and reliable communications throughout this project.
  • Affordability – interest in learning more about community benefits. Stakeholders and community members expressed their concerns that the LRT will increase land values and development interest to the extent that they will no longer be able to afford living in their community.

The Phase 2 Consultation Summary Report provides more detail on the input received. To request a copy of the full report, please email usor call us at 416-338-2848.