Phase 3 Consultation Summary

Phase 3 Consultation Summary
February 2019

The Eglinton East LRT consultation program included three major phases of work  focused on sharing technical project information and gathering community input to help guide project plans and inform decision makers. Over the course of Phase 1 (October 2017-January 2018) the project team spoke directly with over 100 people and gathered input on project information from hundreds more at meetings, at community planning pop-ups (as part of the City’s Planners In Public Spaces program), on the project website and through email. Throughout Phase 2 (April 2018 to October 2018) the project team consulted with hundreds of community members and potential users of the LRT at consultation pop-ups using a TTC bus, stakeholder workshops, community walking tours, community drop-ins and through online surveys. In Phase 3 (February 2019), the final phase of consultation related to current project work, the project team spoke directly with over 80 people at public, stakeholder and community meetings and collected input from people through the project website and email.

Over the past 16-months there have been over 80 touchpoints with the community to share information and gather input. Scarborough community members have helped to build an understanding of local community perspectives and ideas related to the future of the Eglinton East LRT corridor. The project team has received thousands of comments, questions, ideas and suggestions coming primarily from residents in Scarborough. The website has had over 39,000 page visits and has provided people with the chance to get involved through surveys and community mapping exercises. The feedback received has been consolidated, reviewed and reported on throughout the project to help advance the technical work and inform decisions.

A Phase 3 Consultation Summary Report has been produced that documents the purpose of Phase 3 consultation, identifies the Phase 3 consultation and communication activities completed, and summarizes the feedback received. To request a copy of the full report, please email us or call us at 416-338-2848.

Phase 3 Consultation Snapshot

The overwhelming theme at all stakeholder and public meetings has been how do we make this project happen and can we make this happen faster!

Phase 3 Consultation Goals and Communications

Phase 3 consultation occurred from January to March 2019. The focus of the consultation was on project materials related to:

  • Technical project work updates;
  • Findings from Phase 2 community engagement activities;
  • Business case scenarios;
  • Initial findings from the planning study work underway’ and,
  • Next steps in reporting to Executive Committee and City Council.

The goals for Phase 3 of the consultation and communications program included:

  • Build project awareness;
  • Continue to develop the public understanding of technical progress on the LRT design;
  • Obtain input on corridor planning and design ideas;
  • Develop an understanding of project next steps; and,
  • Answer community questions related to plans for the project.

To achieve the Phase 3 goals, a series of consultation and communications activities were identified and executed, including:

  • Notifications (Ads, Mail-outs, Emails);
  • Digital Engagement (Social Media, Website);
  • Video;
  • Formal Public Consultation Events;
  • Formal Meeting with Morningside Avenue Residents;
  • Interactive Stakeholder Workshop; and,
  • Distribution of Public and Stakeholder Consultation Meetings Summary Reports.

Phase 3 communication and engagement activities were completed in February 2019.

What We Heard in Phase 3

Throughout all of the consultation events, the most frequent comments were in support of making this LRT project become a reality. The public made it clear that they feel transit connections are lacking in Scarborough and improvements are important to the community. Dozens of people stated that the Eglinton East LRT will be a positive investment to a currently underserved area in Toronto. Community members are very passionate about wanting to see this LRT project happen.

Comments received from public participants and stakeholders related to the project as a whole and the overall corridor planning and design. In particular, questions and comments related to the following Top 5 themes:

  • Make this project happen! General support and awareness of this project. Many people were supportive of the LRT and appreciated that the LRT project team is working to bring much-needed transit to Scarborough. They are looking forward to confirmation of line development.
  • Make connections to other transit options. Participants were interested in understanding how the Eglinton East LRT line will connect to the wider transit system in Scarborough and beyond and how connections will be made or improved to key destinations and communities in the study area. People want to see bus service connected to LRT stops so that the local transit system is connected.
  • Provide good planning for public realm. There is support for progressing the findings of the community development study. Participants want nicely designed public space with places to sit and gather. Transit waiting stations should be comfortable, safe, accessible and heated as a way to encourage ridership.
  • Manage traffic and communicate. General interest in understanding what the traffic impacts will be along the corridor
    before, during and after construction. This is particularly important for bus service during construction.
  • Communicate the process and timelines of this project. Participants want this project to be transparent so that they are informed of project updates, timelines, outcomes of the business case, and options for funding commitments.

Next Steps

The feedback received during Phases 1, 2 and 3 of the consultation and communication program will be used to inform report(s) to City Council on the Eglinton East LRT project. All of the input and comments received from stakeholders and the public has been shared with the technical project team members to help inform work on the technical design and on the planning study. Follow-up with the community will be an important next step after the Council Report to ensure that people are aware of the decisions and next steps.

The Phase 3 Consultation Summary Report provides more detail on the input received. To request a copy of the full report, please email usor call us at 416-338-2848.