Public Meeting #3 – Meeting Summary

Round 1 Public Consultation Public Meeting #3
December 2, 2017, 10:00am–12:00pm Meeting Summary

Public Meeting Overview

On December 2, 2017, the City of Toronto (City) hosted the third public meeting for the Eglinton East Light Rail Transit (LRT) project. This meeting was the final in a series of three public meetings that are part of the Phase 1 Consultation period for the study. The meeting was held at the Jean Vanier Catholic Secondary School, 959 Midland Ave, Toronto. The meeting structure was:

10:00–10:15am               Arrival + Introductions
10:15–11:00am               Presentation
11:00–11:15am               Question & Answer Period – Clarification Focus
11:15–11:20am               Overview of Market Stations
11:20–11:55am               Market Stations Activity
11:55am–12:00pm               Closing and Thank You


Approximately 25 people from the public attended this event. In addition, Councillor Michael Thompson (Ward 37) also attended.

Introduction and Presentation

Dillon Consulting provided opening remarks and welcomed participants to the event. A presentation was given by the City Project Team outlining the project, the study context and process, the key issues/areas currently under study in Phase 1, the planning study expectations and the consultation activities for the project.

To request a copy of the presentation, please email us or call us at 416-338-2848.

Question and Answer Period

The discussion captured during the question and answer period is summarized below. Questions are noted with a “Q”, comments with a “C” and answers with “A”. Answers were provided by Mike Logan or Kristin Olson, unless otherwise indicated.

C: The one stop subway does not serve Scarborough, and I believe that a 24 stop LRT system would best serve the community.
A: We are proceeding to follow Council’s direction to develop the Scarborough Rapid Transit Plan. The Eglinton East LRT project is part of that plan.

Q: What is the timing for the Kennedy Station connection for the Eglinton Crosstown? Will the connection run straight through or will we have to transfer?
A: The completion of the Crosstown is anticipated for 2021 and will connect at Kennedy station. The Eglinton East LRT will connect directly to the Crosstown at Kennedy station as a single service.

Q: Has any thought been given to elevating the Eglinton East LRT through the entre corridor so that it will not impact road traffic?
A: Grade separated options have not been considered throughout the corridor for the Eglinton East LRT. There are some specific locations where a grade separation may be necessary, for example at Ellesmere and Morningside due to the topography. We will be completing a detailed corridor traffic analysis to review the impacts of the Eglinton East LRT while also optimizing the corridor for traffic movements.

Q: Is there going to be support for the local businesses during the construction?
A: At this time, we have not developed a plan to support local businesses during construction but we will and we encourage business owners to stay involved to help develop the plan once the full LRT concept is confirmed.

Q: How close are the Eglinton East LRT stops?
A: The Eglinton East LRT stops are planned to be approximately 400 metres to 600 metres apart.

Q: Will there be parallel bus service for the Eglinton East LRT?
A (provided by Dominic Ho): At this time, we have not come up with a bus routing plan related to the LRT route. However, we do not plan on having a parallel bus service running alongside the LRT during daytime operating hours. Overnight we will have a bus service operating in the corridor.

C: I have a practice on Kingston Road and I support the elevated Eglinton East LRT idea as it would reduce the impact on the roads and businesses.

C: I recognize that there is an effort to reduce the number of parking spaces around stations, and that we need to support walkability and walking in communities. I urge you to support walkability in the corridor and to get more people onto transit.

C: I would oppose the idea of an elevated Eglinton East LRT as it would separate people from the corridor and that interaction is what will bring activity and people to the area.

C: The Eglinton East LRT is going to generate more jobs along the corridor in Scarborough. I believe that connecting the Eglington East LRT to the Eglington Crosstown corridor is a key priority and I also support it keeping it above ground.

Q: As we move towards the Transit Project Assessment Process (TPAP), when will the funding come for this project?
A: This project has been identified as a priority for Federal funding. As part of the work we are currently doing and once we have the recommended concept, the project team will be reporting to Council with a business case that lays out cost estimates in early 2019. At that time, staff will seek Council’s direction on how to proceed. There is no financing strategy to pay for this project as we need to provide Council with the funding specifications in a business case.

Q: Regarding the Kingston Road, Morningside Avenue, and Lawrence Avenue area, is there a plan to include significant parking for people that are coming from outside Scarborough proper, from Durham, so that they can drive in and then take the Eglinton East LRT to continue into the City?
A: City Council has not asked the staff to look at commuter parking as part of this project. At this time, the City is looking at all options to best optimize the entire corridor and we may find that parking is a part of that.

Q: Is this an approved LRT plan that is being tweaked? Will the plan for this Eglinton East LRT be stopped again?
A: The 2009 Scarborough-Malvern LRT Environmental Assessment (EA), which is the base case for the Eglinton East LRT, is an approval under the Environmental Assessment Act. This approval is required under provincial regulation in order to proceed with detailed design and construction. In addition to an EA approval, there are other approvals that are required including from City Council and from funding sources (federal, provincial or municipal). We are updating the 2009 EA approval but there will be other approvals to obtain before the project can be built.

Q: Will there be a dedicated bus on Kingston Road?
A (provided by Dominic Ho): The TTC is currently looking at improved Kingston Road service at this time.

Breakout Session to Market Stations

Following the Q&A Dillon Consulting identified the Market Stations activity available in the room and encouraged participants explore them all. The Market Stations provided greater detail about the key issue areas along the corridor with staff available to answer questions. The Market Stations included:

  • Kennedy Station and Crosstown Integration
  • Eglinton and Kingston Road
  • Kingston – Lawrence – Morningside
  • University of Toronto Scarborough Campus (UTSC) Integration
  • Northern Extension – Connecting Malvern
  • Planning + Placemaking
  • Share Your Corridor Wish + Guildwood GO Connection

Closing and Thank You

Dillon Consulting thanked the public for coming out to attend the meeting and encouraged everyone to visit the website to continue the conversation online and contribute more ideas and comments.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:00 p.m.